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Welcome to Griffinbooks, a creative haven brought to life by the visionary minds of Griffin Publication. We believe in nurturing the imaginations of children of all ages, igniting their passion for creative writing and guiding them on the fascinating journey of authoring their own books.At Griffinbooks, we provide a platform that not only teaches the art of writing but also empowers young authors to publish their literary works. We believe that every child has a unique voice waiting to be heard, and we are dedicated to amplifying that voice through the publishing process.In our safe and supportive environment, we cultivate a love for storytelling and encourage students to explore their creativity without limitations. Through our expert guidance, children discover the joy of crafting imaginative stories, captivating poems, and thought-provoking articles under our dedicated blog section.But it doesn't end there. We believe in empowering students to realize the true potential of their writing by showing them how it can become a viable source of income. We strive to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in young authors, teaching them the value of their work and equipping them with the knowledge to navigate the professional side of the writing industry.Furthermore, as a student of Griffinbooks, you gain exclusive access to a world of literary wonders. We offer a high discount on all books published by Griffin Publication, allowing you to dive into a treasure trove of captivating and inspiring literature.So why not take up the pen and gift your creative spirit to the world? Let your words inspire and enchant, allowing your unique voice to resonate with readers far and wide. Join us at Griffinbooks and let writing become your greatest strength, unlocking a world of endless possibilities.Welcome to Griffinbooks, where young authors are born and creativity thrives

About The Founder-Director

Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva

Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva is the Founder/Director of GRIFFIN publication, India. She is the author of eight books, a contributing author to more than 30 International Anthologies, and an internationally acclaimed poet. She is an Author Coach, Skill Development Trainer, columnist, Television Spokesperson, internationally published poet, motivational speaker, and content writer. She is a ghostwriter too and has contributed richly to writing many books for prominent personalities. She is also serving as the Content Head of Rising Star Communication, and Beginup Research Intelligence Private Limited. She is a published poet in international magazines and journals in the USA, Tokyo, Philippines, Peru, Spain, Bangladesh, etc. She is popular for her Japanese forms of poetry and her work has been published in the Anthologies ‘World Gogyoshi’ in Tokyo. She is a revolutionary writer who voices the rights of the people and projects the truth of society through her literary works.

Having been two times awarded by Gujrat Sahitya Academy in collaboration with the World’s largest Writing Forum Motivational Strips on the 74th as well as 75th Independence Day of India, Author Mousumi has also been honoured with the prestigious Suryagaurav Rashtriya Puraskar 2020’ by Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune for her ‘Valuable contribution in the field of Global Literary Acumen, Skill Development Training & Missionary Services for the Community’. She has recently been honoured with the most prestigious World Literary Award by Union Hispanomundial de Escritorio- Peru in fond memory of Cesar Abrahham Vallejo (1892-1938), Peruvian poet, writer, and the greatest exponent of letters in Peru. She was awarded as one of India’s most inspirational writers in 2018 by The Indian Awaz and the list of her achievements is too long to be stated here.

Mousumi has been recently honoured with India’s Prime Women Icon Award, 2023 by Foxpro. She has been honoured with LOSD Excellence Awards 2023 as a Women Icon at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London, United Kingdom in December 2023.

Her achievements and interviews are published in many National and International Magazines and broadcast on various Television Channels.

She has done her Masters in English, Psychology, Mass Communication & Journalism, B.Ed, IT, CISELT, and is presently specializing in Organizational and Industrial Psychology.

She has been training and teaching in many institutions in various parts of India and has established herself as a writer contributing to many Newspapers, Media Portals, Magazines, and Anthologies

Mousumi works for the welfare of Cancer patients and caretakers through the benefits of her books collaborated with Late Dr. Nilakanta Siva an ISRO scientist and author dedicated to the cancer warriors/survivors, doctors, nurses, and all the caretakers involved. Dr. Siva lost his life a few months back and Author Mousumi holds the entire responsibility for this service.

The books dedicated to the health warriors: No One Fights Alone Vol I & II, The Agony and Ecstasy of Caregivers, Ostomy Management & Stoma Care, and ‘Doctors, No Less than God: Those Hands that Heal.

Life is travel for Mousumi, filled with teaching, training, social service, and attending and delivering training workshops at various universities, colleges, and organizations.

Visit her website: http://griffinpublication.in/

Contact info: 8800711108

Email: griffin.publication21@gmail.com

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